Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to RapidServ911 and we are committed to respecting it. The following is an explanation of what information we collect, how we collect and use this information, how we protect this information, and what control our customers have over their personal information that is collected in the conjunction with calling RapidServ911 or using this site.

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect the following personally identifiable information ("PII"):

  • If you contact us by phone or you submit an information request with your contact information, request for information or quotation, we may retain this information for future use in conjunction with your request.

How We May Use Your PII

If you provide us with PII, we may retain the information to assess our abillity to provide you with Rapidserv911 services. We also may use PII to ensure compliance with our policies and applicable law. We will not sell or share your PII with any unaffiliated third parties for marketing purposes. We will not share your PII information with any third parties at any time without your express consent (unless required to do so by law.)

How we protect Your PII

Rapidserv911 allows PII data to be accessed internally by internal administration only, and stores all customer data in securely protected computer systems and data storage devices.

Instructions to (I) Opt-Out of Future Communications and (II) Modify or Delete Your PII

You may request to (i) opt-out of future communications with us or (ii) modify or delete your PII by filling out the contact form Here and requesting modification or deletion in the comments box, or by mail to: PO BOX 461312 ESCONDIDO, CA 92046 Attn: RapidServ Admin. Please specify the nature of your request (i.e., either opt-out or deletion/modification).